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Hi guys! So I've been tagged for the Would You Rather...? tag by Erika. She's awesome and so is her blog so make sure you check it out: Living for the Books

Here are the Rules:
  •  Intros!-Tell us about yourself and your blog
  • Answer the 6 questions in anyway you want
  • Tag 6 bloggers (or however many people you want to tag)
  • Tell them they have been tagged and link back to your post
  • Put the Would You Rather...? picture to you post 
The Intro

Hi there, Im Theresa! On my blog I review books and I also participate in a few memes. Also, I am in the process of finishing up my first novel, and plan on writing MANY more. I love talking to people on here so feel free to comment or share your opinion about a book!

The Questions
  • 1. Reading: Would you rather read a classic book or a dictionary?
Classic book! I feel like I would get extremely bored reading the dictionary and classic books aren't bad!
  • 2. Getting: Would you rather receive a $50 gift card to a bookshop or a library card?
Well, I already have a library card... so I guess I would much rather get a gift card! I love books!
  • 3. Shopping: Would you rather look at books at a bookstore or a library?
Unless I had that $50 gift card mentioned above, I would rather the library, only because I spend WAY too much money on books as it is! :(
  • 4. Sleeping: Would you rather stay up and see what happens in the book (and its a part where it's a must) or go to sleep?
As long as its a good book, I would stay up. Its sad, becasuse I am ALWAYS too tired already, BUT oftentimes I just have to stay up to finish it!
  • 5. Writing: Would you rather write on a laptop/computer or in a notebook/paper?
Computer FOR SURE. I usually take notes and map out an outline with pen/paper, but to actually write it out, I would need a computer! I type way faster than I write! PLUS- I dont have spell check on my paper... haha
  • 6. Eating: Would you rather eat while you read or keep glancing at the bag of food while you read?
Keep glancing at the bag of food because I don't want anything on my book.

BLOGS I tag:

Ariel Avalon
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Go check these out! :)


  1. these are interesting.. but for me, I can never read a book properly while I eat.. It disrupts my focus! hahah

  2. Hahaha great answers! Thanks for doing my tag! :)


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