Review- The Burning Star

Title: The Burning Star
Author: Jessie Lane

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Can she reach her destiny before tragedy strikes?

The doctors have told Kay that she will die before she reaches her eighteenth birthday. Her mother’s determination to save her life leads them to a move outside of Asheville, NC to a new set of cancer specialists in the hopes to help her. But it’s not what Kay and her Mom find in the doctor’s offices in Asheville that lead them on the journey to save her before time runs out. It’s what Kay finds in the woods outside of Asheville, and an inhumanly gorgeous guy named Ryan, instead.

Myths and fairy tales come to life before Kay’s eyes, bringing her closer to the ultimate cure if she can stay alive long enough to get there. And if the cancer doesn’t kill her before she finds the cure the secrets her mother has hidden from her may be the beginning of the end

Things I liked: The COVER is AMAZING!! LOVE It!

The story was interesting. I liked that the
main character was not perfect, that she was diagnosed with cancer. This is something I haven’t seen in a YA paranormal novel before!

The characters were well developed, for the most part, and I felt like I cared for them.
And I was very caught up in the story, very much wanting to know how it would go.

It was a unique plot, and I felt like this book had SOO much potential to be amazing! When I read the summary, I was like- I MUST get this book. So, maybe my expectations were too high.

Everything else:
The dialogue in the book was immature. In every single sentence the character would say the name of the person they were speaking to! Every single sentence!!!

“Rather simple, Nick. Do you know what a charm is?”
“Yes, Ryan I do.”
“Good, Nick…”
“Stop it Ryan.”
“Stop what Kay?”

There are SOO many instances! Like when you speak in a normal conversation, how many times do you say the other person’s name?? Not in every single sentence! It was very annoying.

Everyone seemed much younger than they were, though everyone was either 17 or 19, they acted talked like 13 year olds. There is a scene were Nick and Ryan first meet and they are bickering like children. It was annoying to say the least.

The author changes POV often in this book, and normally Im ok with it, I do it in my own writing, but it just felt off. There was no warning and she switched to several POVs, not just two or three.

I did skim over several paragraphs in the first half of the book because it was just so slow and the dialogue was annoying. But the second half was much better!

Also, there were several grammatical errors. When I bought this book, I thought it was published, but it was very obviously self-published. Now I am ALL FOR self-publishing, but you have to present your book properly. I mean, she could have just let ONE other person read it and they could have spotted these errors easy enough.

Overall, it wasn’t terrible, but could have been SO much better. There was a cliffhanger, but Im not even interested in reading any books that follow.


  1. Yeah, this book was a bit disappointing for me as well. The premise sounded amazing. I actually had to DNF this one.

    Thanks for the honest review!

    1. I saw your review on Amazon. I almost didn't finish it too, just ended up skimming a lot in the first half. Thankfully the second half did get a little better.
      Still I was disappointed!


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