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Oh... Thats right

Sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes, a very long while, for me to remember WHY I love books so much. Not just any book. Because believe me, I do not in the slightest enjoy reading boring, nonfiction, history. Yup. I dont like it. Never have. But Fantasy novels. Romance. Mystery. Exciting tales of war and peace and love and death, that all leave you gasping for breath even though they arent even real. Those are what I love. Books that cause physical reactions in me. Laughing. Smiling, even. Tears. Heart ache. I love them. Sometimes I go weeks, months even, without reading. Because life gets in the way. Work. Kids. Husband. Bills. Family drama. Stress of planning, (or trying to)for the future. It all gets overwhelming and steals any time you have. And then I go to the library (Because Dani cannot stand having no new books to read, and as a good mother, I encourage this addiction to books) and I see a book, and I decide to pick it up, snag it for myself, check it out, rese


FREE Jan 25-Jan 29 2016 Every time twelve year old Aislin sleeps, she experiences another person’s DREAMS, their hopes or despairs, loves or hates, most fervent dreams, or darkest nightmares. She is weird, a word she hates more than anything else. Though, when her little brother, Luke, the only person in the world who treats her normal, gets into a car accident, her only hope of saving him is her ability to communicate with him while he dreams.  It isn’t until she dreams with Jessica, another coma patient and her best friend’s little sister, that she discovers her chance to save him. After Aislin guides Jessica back to the waking world, she opens her eyes to find her plan gone horribly awry, and Jessica dead.  Devastated, Aislin must find a way to stop dreaming altogether or somehow perfect it, before she kills her brother, too.  While funny and charming, this book deals with some serious issues, and provides much for parents and children to discuss.  Some sc


So, I had planned to write a lot over the last two weeks. I work for the school system, so, even though Im not a teacher, I get the same "winter vacation" that they do. Two whole weeks off! How could I NOT write a lot?!? Yeah. -_- So, apparently when you have Christmas, and New Years, And of course the eves, you have no time to write. There was a moment, though fleeting as it was, that I thought I was going to be able to write some. Instead, I enjoyed the Hunger Games movies with my daughter (her first time watching them.) and finished it off with a trip to the theater to see the newest one. So could I have written, instead of sitting in front of the tv? Yeah. Was it worth it? Absolutely. My daughter finished reading the series just before the Christmas break, and had been begging me to see the movies. And I still hadnt seen the last one yet anyways. Time with the little, enjoying some dystopian crazy... totally worth it. But now it