Monday, January 4, 2016


So, I had planned to write a lot over the last two weeks.

I work for the school system, so, even though Im not a teacher, I get the same "winter vacation" that they do. Two whole weeks off!
How could I NOT write a lot?!?

Yeah. -_-

So, apparently when you have Christmas, and New Years, And of course the eves, you have no time to write.

There was a moment, though fleeting as it was, that I thought I was going to be able to write some. Instead, I enjoyed the Hunger Games movies with my daughter (her first time watching them.) and finished it off with a trip to the theater to see the newest one.

So could I have written, instead of sitting in front of the tv?

Was it worth it?

My daughter finished reading the series just before the Christmas break, and had been begging me to see the movies. And I still hadnt seen the last one yet anyways.
Time with the little, enjoying some dystopian crazy... totally worth it.

But now its time to get back to it, back to the grind and all that.
Back to work.
And more importantly (or maybe not, since work is what pays the bills...) back to writing.
no more slacker time available.

As far as books go, I did check out Sweet Ruin by Kresley Cole from the library, and Im looking forward to reading that!

Have you read anything good lately?
Any suggestion on a good book to read?

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