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JLA's book, Every Last Breath- Giveaway and Trailer

JLA's newest book, Every Last Breath, is almost out! You can enter her Giveaway (on her blog HERE )  Here's the trailer for it

Books. Writing. Sweet life...

SO, Yes. It's true. I've been writing again! For so very long I was struggling with my "Actual" job. You know, the 9-5 blah that you have to do in order to pay for essentials like coffee, books, etc. OR... You know, food, rent, stuff like that. Since December of last year I've been working in the school system, and HOLY SHIT guys, it is perfect! I love my job! It is eveyrthing i had been working toward for so long i almost gave up! But it's here. *Sigh*  *smile* So, now i have some time to write. Since working here, Ive almost completed book 2 in the Empyrean Chronicles. AND I wrote a Middle Grade book. ( Learn about WEIRD here ) I'm still working on Book 2... BUT, in the meantime, I've decided to go ahead publish Book 1. I'm tired of waiting, and since Im so close, I feel secure knowing I wont have to wait ages to publish this one too. PLUS- I have the covers alreday! Yup. All 4 covers for the books!!!! :) And they're aw