The Empyrean Chronicles

Empyrean Chronicles

Enchanted Revenge
(Publication date: 09/2015)

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 When seventeen year old Lily finds her parents brutally murdered, leaving her broken and alone, she is determined to bring justice to the fairies responsible. Her quest leads her to infiltrate The Empyrean, the land of the Fae where terrifying creatures lurk in every shadow. But with a political rebellion mounting, bloody battles and foreign enemies stand in her way. Alec, a mysterious and secretive fairy, gradually becomes her guide and dear friend in the unfamiliar world, and restores her faith in love.

Disturbing secrets about her parent’s true identity are revealed, causing her to be more involved with the devastating fairy war than she can afford. Her vengeful mission becomes compromised and her growing romance with Alec wavers. She must conquer her fear of the unknown, ignore her grief, and overcome her growing list of enemies if she is to succeed in avenging her parents’ death. Or ever make it out alive.

Enchanted Revenge will appeal to fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout and Julie Kagawa.

Enticing Violence
(Publication date: 11/2015)

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 Enticing Violence (Empyrean Chronicles 2)Lily and Alec are only pawns in a war much larger than they'd imagined.

Lily still wants to complete her mission: Avenge her parents. But when Lynn- the leader of the Rebels in Muircadia- is captured, and Rita- daughter to the evil Lord Nettles- is sentenced to death, it's up to Lily, Alec, and the very select few Fae they trust, to try to save them all before it's too late.

When all you do is fight for your life, how do you find time to live?
How do you love when hope is always slipping away?

Enticing Violence is the second book in The Empyrean Chronicles

Enthralling Retribution
(Publication date: 02/2016)

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Lily has fought through the Ardeenes and all the creatures who lurk in the shadows of the trees.
She has battled deep within the depths of Muricadia, despite the danger due to her very nature.
Finally, she has the chance to see Vesuvius, the land of her mother, and the fire in her blood warms at the thought.
But this will be no vacation.

Lynn has been captured and held hostage in Vesuvius for longer than any Sprite can handle. Mazes, snakes, and even dragons will impede her path. But together with her closest allies, Lily is determined to save Lynn, no matter the sacrifices that have to be made.

Until the sacrifices cut too close, and she has to choose between trying to save Lynn and the man she loves.

Enraptured Vengeance
(Publication date: 05/2016)

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Enraptured Vengeance (Empyrean Chronicles #4)
Lily will finally meet face to face with the man who started it all. The man who ordered her parents killed, after holding her mother hostage and overthrowing the rightful king.
The man who has been the creator of every bad circumstance in her life.
The man who now hunts her.

She has to fully accept all that she knows must be done, if she is to save her friends, her Alec, and the Empyrean.
Thats the goal, even if she cannot save herself.


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