Bring it on, 2017!

Daaang! Have I really not posted ANYTHING since May?! 
Here i am, for at least ONE post this year...

Last year was amazing for us.
We were crazy, and hectic, and chaos reigned supreme, but it was Great!
The good stuff:
We bought a new home! We have way more room, and are super excited about it. Its been very busy, packing, moving, unpacking, and cleaning the old house! But it was obviously a big improvement for us! 
Bought a new truck.
Went to Six Flags all year, which was the first year we did anything like that. (Season passes to anything) Totally worth it for all the memories.
I got to go on my first cruise, with my best friend. I really believe that you have to invest in your marriage, so that was awesome.
We got 2 new baby kittens!! Who are a pain in the butt most of time, but who we love so very much!
Dani got the braces she so desperately wanted (and needed). And won 2nd place in the spelling bee!
Max lost his first teeth, AND started big boy school. (For the ONLY year he and Dani will be in the same school, ever!) Tried to have a garden…but only my tomatoes grew. Ha. Still, that was an awesome experience for both me and Max!! He loved going to the garden and picking tomatoes from it! 
Got to stay in some cabins in Kerrville! Went to corpus and rode on a pirate ship!
Chris and I started focusing on our health more... which in turn led me to quit smoking (again. and hopefully for the last time). Exactly 19 weeks since I quit!!
I jogged a 5k probably 50 times last year, and my best time was 33 minutes! Longest distance was 4.5 miles.
And Hillary DIDN’T Win!!! Lol ;)

Goals for this year:
Start my day with a prayer!
Continue focusing on my health!! And don’t give up on me! Get to under 30 minutes for my 5k. Bike more (since I got a bike for Christmas!) And do a 10k.
WRITE again! I haven’t written even ONE word in pretty close to a year. Havent REALLY written in over a year! FINISH The Empyrean Chronicles series! This is a big one for me!!!

Let's make 2017 awesome!!


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