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Blogoversary Giveaway and other stuff

You know, every time I get into a reading slump, whether its because I'm writing or because I just cant seem to get in the mood to read, if I go to the library, that slump is SURE to end. Since it's Summer, I promised my daughter (who is amazing and loves to read just like her Mommy) that we would go to the library every Monday, as long as she finished reading her books. We didnt this past Monday, because she hadnt finished reading all of her books from the previous week yet.  So we went today.  And am I glad we did. Not only was she able to broaden her horizons and allow her mind to grow, but I found myself some books that I have been waiting to get my fingers on. I read Anna Dressed in Blood a while ago, but never reviewed it, so Ive been waiting anxiously to read it again and get in fresh in my mind so that I can review it. Thankfully, I remembered that I wanted to when I saw Girl of Nightmares !  So I picked up both!!  Also,  Mila 2.0 - which Ive heard b