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Thanks to everyone who entered my Giveaway!!

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Thanks so much everyone.
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Feel free to check out my books:

Power (The Descendant Trilogy #1)POWER 
(The Descendant Trilogy #1)

Thousands of years after the battle between the angels, when Lucifer was defeated by Michael in the Heavens, the war is still being fought on Earth by the humans who have their Power, the Angel’s Power. 

Allison Stevens is a 21 year old single mother who gets thrown into the middle of this battle when Damien, the Leader of the Rising, decides to hunt her down and kill her because he fears she is the descendant prophesied to save the world.

David, a member of the Order, takes Allison under his wing in order to show her the ropes, and hopefully groom her into being the one they have been waiting for. The only problem is that they start to grow more attached than a teacher/student relationship should allow.

But that isn’t all. Damien wants to open the Seven Seals and bring about the apocalypse and it’s up to Allison to not only save herself and her family, but save the world, all while trying to keep her heart from breaking. 

No problem… right?

*ON SALE FOR $0.99*

Hope (The Descendant Trilogy #2)

(The Descendant Trilogy #2)

Allison now understands who she is and where she comes from, but will it be enough to save the world? 

She went through a dangerous journey, dragging her young daughter along for the ride, in an attempt to stop the evil Rising Leader, Damien, from opening the Seven Seals and bringing about the Apocalypse.

But she hasn’t succeeded yet. The Rising still thrives and Lilith has made it her mission to open the remaining Seals so that she and her minions can rule the Earth. David and Allison hope that love can conquer all, but in reality, love is never enough. 

Will they, along with the rest of the gang back at the Compound, be able to stop the Rising? And where is The Descendant that is prophesied to save them all? 

 The much anticipated SECOND BOOK in The Descendant Trilogy will leave you breathless and wanting more!

*NOTE* This book does have profanity and sensual situations. Intended for audiences 16+ in age

Monday, July 21, 2014

International Authors Day!!

  Ok Everyone!

July 18th is International Authors Day!!

Whoo hoo! Authors rock my socks off!! 
Without them, we would have no stories! And imagine how sad the world would be without stories!


In honor of Authors Day Im participating in a Blog Hop.
Thank you, b00kr3vi3ws, for hosting this!!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Strength (The Descendant Trilogy #2.5)

  Its been a long time coming, I realize, but it is FINALLY HERE.

So sorry it has taken me SO long to get this story out to you guys! *Begs forgiveness*

SO- Strength is now available for only $0.99 on Amazon

Power (The Descendant Trilogy #1)Strength 
(The Descendant Trilogy #2.5)

Samantha is the daughter of two of the most powerful people on the planet. 
But she is not the chosen one. 

Follow Samantha, the one person we haven’t heard from yet, as she grows into her skin. She is now having dreams of a Rising Member attacking her. She fears for her life, but at the same time feels confined and too sheltered. While her parents pressure her to help her little sister learn the role she must fulfill, she wants only to be herself and to do more than babysit. But if she ventures too far out, will her mysterious stalker come out of the shadows to torture her for the knowledge she has? 

Read this NOVELLA for a look into the life of a young Order Member, the first to grow up in The Compound in decades, as she tries to fulfill the many roles she must play. 

Sisterly love, daughterly affection and rebellion, friendship, and relationships beyond that of only friendship dwell within these feisty, few pages. 

**NOTE** This is a NOVELLA complete at 23,000 words. There are also spoilers for the first two books in The Descendant Trilogy, so read after POWER and HOPE. 

*ON SALE FOR $0.99*

Reading order of The Descendant Trilogy

Arise- prequel novella -*ON SALE FOR $0.99*
Power- Book 1  -*ON SALE FOR $0.99*
Hope- Book 2 - ONLY $2.99
Strength- 2.5- novella -*ON SALE FOR $0.99*
Untitled- Book 3

Update on Empyrean Chronicles.

Book 1 is finished- Betas are reading through it once more before I publish it. 

And Book 2 is about 1/3 written. 
There will be 4 full novels and 3 novellas in this series.

Dont forget to enter my giveaway

Monday, July 7, 2014

Minder by JKabay

Here it is peeps!

Minder by J. Kabay is finally available in paperback!!!

Check out this short video below to hear her talk about what it was like to write this amazing story.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Perfect Kind of Trouble by Chelsea Fine

Perfect Kind of Trouble (Finding Fate, #2)

Title: Perfect Kind of Trouble     
Author: Chelsea Fine

Sometimes when perfect falls apart, a little trouble fixes everything . . . 

Twenty-one-year-old Kayla Turner has lost everything. After spending most of her life taking care of her ailing mother, she just wants to spot a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. So when her late father-a man she barely knew-leaves her an inheritance, she finally breathes a sigh of relief . . . until she learns the inheritance comes with strings. Strings in the form of handsome playboy Daren Ackwood, her father's protégé. To see any of her inheritance, she's forced to team up with him. From his expensive car to those sexy dimples, Kayla's seen his type before. But Daren isn't who he seems to be . . .

Struggling to make amends for his family's mistakes, Daren has a life more Oliver Twist than Richie Rich these days. He's beyond grateful that James Turner included him in his will, but working with Turner's princess of a daughter to fulfill his cryptic last wish is making Daren wonder if being broke is really so bad. Still, she's just as beautiful as she is stubborn, and the more time he spends with Kayla, the less it feels right being without her. Soon Daren and Kayla begin to wonder if maybe the best gift Kayla's dad could have left them . . . was each other.

I have to say… I love Chealsea Fine.  Love her writing! I love her books! I love her!

So far, I have read every single one of her books and thoroughly enjoyed them all. I freaking devour her books like theyre decadent chocolate cakes with hot fudge on top.

BUT this one… not so much. I don’t know why. I skimmed over probably 1/3 of this book. I didn’t really get hooked until about half way through. I still enjoyed it. The characters were good. And I loved learning more about Darren (since he was in Best kind of Broken)

Maybe my expectations were too high, because her other books were just SO GOOD.

But there was something about this whole story that just took forever for me to actually like.

When I finished it… I thought, “That’s it?” and felt so let down. Though… now its been a week since I read it and Ive come to realize it WAS in fact a good book. Great story and everything. 

Rating: 4 Stars


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