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Top Interview Questions.

So, since I recently had an interview (TODAY) I had been looking up some questions that I may be asked, and found a lot of useful info to help me prepare. I thought I would post some of what I learned, even though this will be a random post, not about writing or getting published at all. Everyone has to interview at some point in time --before you get rich and famous when your book gets publish and you no longer have to have a job   ;) 1. Tell me about yourself: This is one of the most common questions to ask in interviews. And its often the first one asked. You should prepare a short statement about who you are and why you would be the best fit for this position. Make sure not to list your whole life events, and a lot of not important information about your personal life.      2. Why did you leave your last job? You should stay positive regardless of the circumstances of your last job. Never talk about about your previous managers, the previous companies you worked for or any co-

Book Review- Gift

Title: Gift Author: Andrea J. Buchanan  Rating: 4 stars Summary from Amazon: High school sophomore Daisy Jones is just trying to get by unnoticed. It doesn’t help that she’s the new girl at school, lives in a trailer park, and doesn’t even own a cell phone. But there’s a good reason for all that: Daisy has a secret, unpredictable power—one only her best friend, Danielle, knows about.  Despite her “gift” (or is it a curse?), Daisy’s doing a good job of fitting in, and a gorgeous senior named Kevin even seems interested in her! But when Daisy tries to help Vivi, a mysterious classmate in a crisis, she soon discovers that her new friend has a secret of her own. Now Daisy and her friends must deal with chilling dreams and messages from the beyond. Can Daisy channel the power she’s always tried to hide, before it’s too late? Review: I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. Gift, is a YA paranormal romance. The story revolves around two best friends, who begin

Review- Fairytale, Fairies of Rush

Title: Fairytale, Fairies of Rush Author: Maggie Shayne   Rating- 3 stars Summary from Amazon: As a boy, Adam Reid stumbled into an enchanted forest-and met a magical lady who showed him his destiny. Now he is a sober and serious adult. And memories have faded of a childhood event that could not possibly have occurred...could it? Brigit Malone is on a mission-a dangerous, larcenous quest that leads the mysterious lovely into Adam Reid's home...and heart. For sparks fly when her warm ebony gaze meets his sapphire stare--and a passionate enchantment binds them with invisible chains. But it would be insane for Adam to believe Brigit's arrival had been foretold--or that the sensuous minx is truly half-fairy--even as they travel together down an impossible path toward a dire peril only the magic of love could overcome. Review: When I bought this book, I thought it was a YA novel. I don’t know why I thought that, I suppose because I have been reading so much YA,


Follow Friday is a blog hop hosted by  ParaJunkee  &  Alison Can Read . The purpose is to meet new people and gain more followers in the book blogging community. Follow Friday question this week: Q.Activity! Dreamcast your current read! A. So, I just finished reading Fairytale, Fairies of Rush, by Maggie Shayne. (which was NOT at all what i expected it to be!! Definietly not a YA novel) But I suppose this would be my current read. I would cast the characters as follows: Vanessa Hudgens would be Bridgit Taylor Swift would be Bridin Joshua Jackson would be Adam Clint Eastwood would be Raze And Billy Zane for The Dark Prince Please comment below and add your Feature Follow, so I can follow you back!!!

New Series

So, I have already explained that I finished my first novel. Though I had originally thought it would be a YA novel, I think I have recently decided to revise it again and make it more for an adult audience. (the main character is a little too old to be in a YA novel, and I cant make her younger) That being said, I will need to go through and revise it a little, I think. Since I finished it, I have been working on the second book in the trilogy. I haven’t gotten very far, only 20,000 words or so. But it seems that it is a struggle to make myself write in it. Mostly because I have been reading these 2 books so much, and have revised and edited so many times, that I am getting a little tired of it. (I guess that’s what happens when you re-read a book 30 times…) Not to mention, I came up with another idea for some more books, and this new story seems to be taking over my mind. Today, I didn’t even open my trilogy books; instead I decided to devote some time to my new series. It will

My first Book Review- Open Minds

  Title: Open Minds (Book One of the Mindjack Trilogy) Author: Susan Kaye Quinn Summary by Amazon: Sixteen-year-old Kira Moore is a zero, someone who can't read thoughts or be read by others. Zeros are outcasts who can't be trusted, leaving her no chance with Raf, a regular mindreader and the best friend she secretly loves. When she accidentally controls Raf's mind and nearly kills him, Kira tries to hide her frightening new ability from her family and an increasingly suspicious Raf. But lies tangle around her, and she's dragged deep into a hidden underworld of mindjackers, where having to mind control everyone she loves is just the beginning of the deadly choices before her. Review: This story is set in the future, where after many generations, almost everyone in the world develops the ability to read minds at puberty. It follows a 16 year old, Kira, who is one of the rare exceptions to that rule, and never developed that ability. Come to find out, she


Well… So far the only people who have read my book have been my mother and a friend. So… That being said, they are both biased (though they may say they are not) In order to try and get unbiased opinions and feedback, I have decided to do a few things. #1- I am sent a small excerpt from my book to a fellow blogger who will be critiquing it in about a week or so (VERY MUCH looking forward to this!) (If you are interested- her blog is  and she has a pot in the sidebar with an explanation of her critique services)  #2- I have sent my manuscript to an aspiring editor. Yes, she is only an aspiring editor, but we all start somewhere. So far I am only an aspiring author… so, I’ll take what I can get. Worst case scenario, I don’t like anything she suggests and her feedback is completely useless- no harm done. Best case scenario, I get great feedback, with awesome editing for FREE! Either way, I want SOME sort of feedback! So… I will be upda


Follow Friday 5/18/2012   Q: Summer Break is upon us! What would be the perfect vacation spot for you to catch up on your reading & relax? Im pretty sure i could set up a chair right here, with a glass of wine and read and relax!!! Would be glorious! However, there is the little issue of the kids and hubby... haha it WOULD be nice to have a little time to myself though :) Dont forget to leave a link to your FF, so I can follow you back :)

POWER- Book 1 of The Descendent Trilogy

So… I decided that since so many people have asked what my book is about, I should go ahead and make a post related to my book and what it is about. Below is the Summary: In this world, there are many unknowns to the normal observer. There is a battle between good and evil, waging since before time began.  After Lucifer was cast from the heavens, he decided to get revenge and steal as many humans as he could. He, along with his most vile demons, came to earth to breed evil in humans. To counteract this treachery, God sent his right hand, Michael the Archangel, to bestow upon 9 human women Power, the essence of good, and strength… pure power.  The only hope left for the world, is a prophesy, that one day a woman will be born, who has descended from all of the first 9 women, and this woman will rid the world of all evil. Thousands of years later, on her 21 st birthday, Allison Stevens is thrust into this battle.  Despite being unaware of life outside her small town in Texas, sh


So, I heard back from that agent already, the one that filled me with meaningless hope by asking for the first 5 pages of my book. And unfortunately, she has decided to reject me. She didn’t even offer any feedback or explanation. So very sad… Ill let that hopeless feeling of worthlessness wash through me and then move on. I will keep hope, because, after all, this is only my first round of agents. And I understand that even the famous authors were rejected many times before getting accepted. That being said, it doesn’t really make the sting hurt any less. Moving on to a lighter subject, I will keep blogging and trying to build up a following. Hopefully, over time, this blog will help me to have an audience who will want to read my book when (and I say WHEN not IF) my book is published! My idol right now is Amanda hocking, who couldn’t get published, so she self-published her AMAZING books, and now has since been published and has a movie deal in the making for her Tryll


So, its pretty amazing the amount of excitement and disappointment trying to get published brings into your life. I sent out 7 email queries to agents on Saturday and I am mailing out 3 snail mail queries today. I was told you start with a group of 10 agents at a time, that way, if you get some feedback-even if they reject you- than you can edit your query and try again. So, since Saturday, I have already received 2 rejections. OUCH. Its amazing how much it stings. However, last night I received an email from an agent requesting the first 5 pages, which just happens to be basically the first chapter. And you would be amazed at how AWESOME it makes you feel to get a request like that. She may very well read the first chapter and decide she doesn’t like it, which would probably hurt worse than if she had never asked for it. But, still, there is a sliver of hope she could request a partial. (in the writing world, a partial is the first 3 chapters, or the first 50 pages…) And the hope th


Well, today is the day. I have finally decided to start a blog. This blog will mostly be comprised of book facts, things I’m writing about, my journey in trying to get published, and also about books that I read that I think are amazing. That being said, I will probably at times post about my life, family and circumstances that may have nothing to do with writing or reading. SO, for my first post, I’ll just do a general rundown of everything I have been doing in trying to get published. But I’ll start at the beginning. I have always loved reading. At one point I was being homeschooled, and instead of doing my work like a good kid, I would instead go to the local library and bring home as many books as I was allowed to check out, only to return again in a few days and check out more. I think that because of my love of books and reading, even at an early age, I started coming up with my own stories. I never really thought I could write them though. I am not a patient person (which i