So, its pretty amazing the amount of excitement and disappointment trying to get published brings into your life. I sent out 7 email queries to agents on Saturday and I am mailing out 3 snail mail queries today. I was told you start with a group of 10 agents at a time, that way, if you get some feedback-even if they reject you- than you can edit your query and try again.
So, since Saturday, I have already received 2 rejections. OUCH. Its amazing how much it stings. However, last night I received an email from an agent requesting the first 5 pages, which just happens to be basically the first chapter. And you would be amazed at how AWESOME it makes you feel to get a request like that. She may very well read the first chapter and decide she doesn’t like it, which would probably hurt worse than if she had never asked for it. But, still, there is a sliver of hope she could request a partial. (in the writing world, a partial is the first 3 chapters, or the first 50 pages…) And the hope that would inspire would be contagious.
Anyways, I was super excited, to say the least, to get that email. I made Chris get off his silly Yu-Gi-Oh game so that I could reply right away. And now the waiting game starts again.

I wonder though, do these agents have ANY idea the emotions they cause? Sadness, rejection, insecurity? But also Hope, joy, excitement! Maybe I should have been an agent! haha
So that’s my update for today… I want to thank everyone who has read my blog so far!! And I would greatly appreciate it if you share it!


  1. Good Luck I hope the agent loves it!!

  2. Im sure they do know the amount of emotions they cause. I would imagine that they even hope to cause those emotions to help build the author. They need to toughen you up to expose you to the world you are trying to enter.

    I wish you luck either way. You are far braver than I am. I have about 6 stories I would love to turn into novels, but my grammar and such are awful so it would probably be more of a waste than anything. I had a new plot come to me a few days ago.. one I think would actually be pretty interesting, but its not a story I think I would be good at telling. I envy your bravery and motivation.

    1. Yeah... I guess I need some toughening up. haha
      But I am actually surprised at how fast things are going already. I was prepared to wait for a few weeks before hearing anything, and already I have heard from 3 agents that I queried!!
      Anyways, thank you for the kind words! I will be expecting you to buy my book as soon as its published... or as soon as i put it on Amazon. Whicever comes first :)

  3. Good luck! It's cool to follow somebody as they try to get published. What's the book about?

    1. Thanks so much!
      The book is a young adult paranormal romance novel. Its actually the first of a trilogy. Im already in the process of writing the second book, but Man-oh-man does it take a while to write- especially when you dont have much time :(
      Thanks again though
      i will be posting more info on my book in the near future!!!

  4. I am sure, having read your book, that after the first 5 chapters she will want to read the rest!!! Good news!!

    1. Well, she actually only requested the first 5 PAGES- which is only the first chapter.
      But thanks for the encouraging words

  5. Hi! I'm now a follower! Well done, I hope she accepts it! :)


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