So far the only people who have read my book have been my mother and a friend. So… That being said, they are both biased (though they may say they are not)
In order to try and get unbiased opinions and feedback, I have decided to do a few things.

#1- I am sent a small excerpt from my book to a fellow blogger who will be critiquing it in about a week or so (VERY MUCH looking forward to this!) (If you are interested- her blog is and she has a pot in the sidebar with an explanation of her critique services) 

#2- I have sent my manuscript to an aspiring editor. Yes, she is only an aspiring editor, but we all start somewhere. So far I am only an aspiring author… so, I’ll take what I can get. Worst case scenario, I don’t like anything she suggests and her feedback is completely useless- no harm done. Best case scenario, I get great feedback, with awesome editing for FREE! Either way, I want SOME sort of feedback!

So… I will be updating this as I get the feedback im hoping and anxiously waiting for.

On another note…   tomorrow I am sending out 3 snail mail queries to more agents… they all three require the query letter and first five pages. So HOPEFULLY, even if they ultimately decide they do not want to represent me, I can at least get some sort of feedback!

In the meantime, I want to thank all of you who have come to my page and started following me!!!


  1. I am reading it too. Just haven't commented yet. I wish you all the best!! Love you. -Katie

  2. You might want to join an online writer's workshop or community. I workshopped a couple of my books at It was a very helpful and supportive community and you can post your work a chapter at a time and get reviews AND edits. I've made some of my best connections there with fellow writers/authors.

    Good luck with your quest. It's not an easy road but with persistence, you'll prevail!

    My answer for a vacation spot for reading is in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. When in Paris, it's art museums and restaurants for this mme. Hope you get to these beautiful European destinations in the near future.

    New follower:


    1. Thanks for the advice. I have seen several posts about writers workshops! I will definitely be joining some!!

      Thanks for following me!
      I am following you back!

  3. Finally, here I am to comment on your post, certain that I am in fact able to write something that I'm sure will make some sense. ;-)

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you with the agents!

    In the mean time, keep an eye out for critique partners, as they really are worth their weight in gold.

    1. Thank you!!!
      And you better believe I have my eyes out for critique partners!!
      I will take every bit of help I can get!!


  4. Good luck on your agent search. I still don't have an agent, as I published via a small press, and sending queries is one of the things that scare me most in life. Thanks for commenting on my blog and for all the kind words. I'll be sure to keep coming to watch you soar to the skies. ;)

    1. Thanks so much!! And you are right, sending queries is VERY scary!!

  5. Hey, nice to visit your blog and see where you "live"! Blessings as you write, get feedback, and go on a critique partner hunt! :)

    1. YAY! Thanks for coming by!
      You know I am looking for feedback (Thanks again!!) and I will continue to look for more as i explore this amazing blogging world!


  6. U'll surely be the best author soon. hehe ... I aspire for that too.
    Just let others critique the way they wanted... Good luck gurl..

    new follower!. and following is such a pleasure ♥


  7. Resa, I want to say thank you. Im terrified, but I owe you a thanks. Ive had my novel ideas in my head for years now but I have always been afraid to do anything with them. Im sick of holding back and being scared. I have always dreamed of writing a novel, and you have given me the courage to at least try. I began really outlining things this morning. Im not concerned with getting published or anything, I figure I will start small. For now my dream will be to finish it. Im going to keep watching your journey into the publishing world and gain courage from it. So really, thank you.

    In other news, while I have been researching things this morning and yesterday I found quite a few places that say you want to have at least 10 people read your novel very soon after finishing it. Basically, they should be reading the 2nd-5th draft (depending on how many self edits you made. Its supposed to basically be your first draft that you feel is "complete" that way you can get feedback on the flow of it to make certain things make sense. It helps if half of them are friends who will be honest with you without being harshly critical. Maybe having some more people read it will help out with things to make getting ahold of publishers easier? Worth a shot anyway.

    Let me know if I can help at all. Even if its just being a cheerleader. Im pretty loud.. I can cheer from here and you still hear me back in Texas I think. ;D

    1. Thank you SOO much!! You would be surprised at how many of my friends have come forward and said- Hey, you doing it has given me the courage to take that first step! And you are right, the first step is writing a book. It took me a long time to decide which of my stories to write, and now that im writing the second book in the trilogy, Im wanting to switch gears and start a new series... lame, I know. Anyways... it took me a long time to actually write it.
      I have had only a few people read it, and so far I havnet actually received any constructive criticism. However, I know you read a lot of the same books I do, and Im pretty sure you would be my target audience, so i would LOVE it if you would read it and give me an honest review/feedback on it!!!

    2. I was told my whole life "you cant". My dislexia had held me back forever and I am sick of being told that I cant do something when I am certain I can. You will totally be one of the first people I send it to once its eventually written. :D Its not lame to want to switch gears like that. I read a lot of the blogs for various authors I like and many of them write two or three books at a time. Taking a break from one story seems to help them work on a different one.
      I would be honored to read it and give you as great of a review as I can. Ill send you my email on facebook.

    3. Well, im glad you arent listening to those naysayers anymore!
      I hope you do write a book! And I will LOVE to read it when you do!!

      I agree though, taking a break from a story really does help! But you dont want to stop writing altogether...

      I just emailed you my book! :)

    4. Got it. Im gonna toss it on my kindle and try to read it this week, might have to wait for the weekend though. Would you prefer me to mail you my thoughts or send them on facebook?

  8. I'm very glad to see you doing something you truly enjoy!!! Very happy for you. :) you got this!


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