Well, today is the day. I have finally decided to start a blog. This blog will mostly be comprised of book facts, things I’m writing about, my journey in trying to get published, and also about books that I read that I think are amazing.
That being said, I will probably at times post about my life, family and circumstances that may have nothing to do with writing or reading.
SO, for my first post, I’ll just do a general rundown of everything I have been doing in trying to get published. But I’ll start at the beginning. I have always loved reading. At one point I was being homeschooled, and instead of doing my work like a good kid, I would instead go to the local library and bring home as many books as I was allowed to check out, only to return again in a few days and check out more. I think that because of my love of books and reading, even at an early age, I started coming up with my own stories. I never really thought I could write them though. I am not a patient person (which is really bad when you are trying to get published!) so it is hard for me to take them time to write the story, instead of just thinking it or telling it.
That being said, I had so many stories to tell, that I couldn’t NOT tell them. I finally decided that I had a story good enough, that I wanted to write it and so my journey began. It was 2009, and I started writing my first novel. I wrote in between phone calls at work, (I was working for a call center in the town in lived in) but because I was a single mother, working full time, and taking online college courses, I really didn’t have much time to write.
I ended up writing about half of the book before stopping for about a year and a half, during which time I fell in love, got married and had my second child. When I came back to work after having my son, I decided it was time to finish my book, and I did. I finished it in about 2 months. (still only writing on any downtime at work)
After I finished it, I started writing the second book of the Trilogy. I also came up with other ideas for books. And decided maybe I should try to get published. I have read about many authors who became famous by self publishing their books as ebooks on either amazon or goodreads, and considered going this route first, but instead I decided I wanted to actually TRY to get published first, self publishing will just be Plan B.
I started researching HOW to get published, and ended up reading every single post on  Then I sent out my first 10 query letters to agents. Lets all keep our finger (and toes) crossed for me.
In the meantime I have been reading a lot about building an audience and decided I should start my own blog!
so here it is.
I will post any news on my books, and ill make sure to add anything about any other projects I work on.
Ill also make sure to post about all the AWESOME books I read!


  1. Good first blog! (and thank you for the kind words about me!)

  2. Great job babe you have my support and love. I wish you the best


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