Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Series

So, I have already explained that I finished my first novel. Though I had originally thought it would be a YA novel, I think I have recently decided to revise it again and make it more for an adult audience. (the main character is a little too old to be in a YA novel, and I cant make her younger) That being said, I will need to go through and revise it a little, I think.
Since I finished it, I have been working on the second book in the trilogy. I haven’t gotten very far, only 20,000 words or so. But it seems that it is a struggle to make myself write in it. Mostly because I have been reading these 2 books so much, and have revised and edited so many times, that I am getting a little tired of it. (I guess that’s what happens when you re-read a book 30 times…) Not to mention, I came up with another idea for some more books, and this new story seems to be taking over my mind.
Today, I didn’t even open my trilogy books; instead I decided to devote some time to my new series. It will be called The Fae World Romance series and each book will be a separate romance about different characters. However, each book will have a main theme and be a part of the same back story. These books will be YA paranormal romance novels and there will be 5 total. I just outlined the entire series, and am pretty excited to start writing them!
So… I think I will put my goal of getting my first book published on hold for a little while, give my mind a break from the trilogy, work on this new series a little, and then go back to my trilogy to try and get it published. Before I revise it (again…) I am getting several people to review it and give me some feedback, so hopefully I can revise it for the last time!
If you would like to critique my book and give me some feedback, PLEASE let me know!! Thanks


  1. Well.. she is 21.. I think that is still a good age to be YA. I typically think YA stops past college. Once they start hitting 24-25 its pushing it. If you moved it into the adult fiction I would think it would need to be revised to be a bit longer. I associate shorter books with YA novels. 70-80k words for YA and 95k+ for adult novels. Thats just me though, others probably would feel different.

    Not gonna lie, Im totally excited for this new series too. I love fae stories so hard! When you finish them and need reviews, pick me pick me!!

    1. Thanks! and thank you again for reading my book and offering feedback!!


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