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Review- Stone Cold Touch by JLA

  Title: Stone Cold Tough (Dark Elements 2) Author: Jennifer L Armentrout Summary: Every touch has its price Layla Shaw is trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life—no easy task for a seventeen-year-old who’s pretty sure things can’t get worse. Her impossibly gorgeous best friend, Zayne, is forever off-limits thanks to the mysterious powers of her soul-stealing kiss. The Warden clan that has always protected her is suddenly keeping dangerous secrets. And she can barely think about Roth, the wickedly hot demon prince who understood her in ways no one else could. But sometimes rock bottom is only the beginning. Because suddenly Layla’s powers begin to evolve, and she’s offered a tantalizing taste of what has always been forbidden. Then, when she least expects it, Roth returns, bringing news that could change her world forever. She’s finally getting what she always wanted, but with hell literally breaking loose and the body count adding up, the price may be higher tha

NaNoWriMo 2014 and Beta readers!

Fellow bloggers… How far I have strayed from my original mission of being a writer… Like an actual writer who earns her living from writing. For oh so long I have been away (studying IT gibberish) in an attempt to better my life and job. I know, I know, it sucks even worse than it sounds. My muse got bored from lack of attention, and I fear she may have left me. I will get her back!   Or perhaps, she is peeking in on me now, as my craving for words to be spilled is growing. What happened? What could have caused her to check in on me?   I blogged… I mean, not really. I didn’t blog a post, but I went to blogger (for the first time in WAY too long) and checked on the most recent posts. One caught my attention. A blogger I used to follow (and still technically do, though- as I said, blogging hasn’t been a huge priority for me lately) posted something about betas.   So I ran on over to HER BLOG and quickly devoured that post, and then seve

Opposition (Lux 5) Review by JLA

  Title: Opposition (Lux 5) Author: Jennifer L Armentrout   Summary: Katy knows the world changed the night the Luxen came. She can’t believe Daemon stood by as his kind threatened to obliterate every last human and hybrid on Earth. But the lines between good and bad have blurred. Daemon will do anything to save those he loves, even if it means betrayal. But when it quickly becomes impossible to tell friend from foe, and the world is crumbling around them, they may lose everything to ensure the survival of their friends…and mankind. Review: Amazing! Can I give a one-word review and just leave it at that? No? Ok. So, we all know JLA is the best of the best. Every.Single.Book she writes is like glory etched in gold. Romance. Action. Shit-gone-bad and you have to find a way to fix it before the world ends and your lover dies. But you still get to kiss in the middle of it all… This epic alien saga was summed up nicely. Daemon, Kat,