Oh... Thats right

Sometimes it takes a while.
Sometimes, a very long while, for me to remember WHY I love books so much. Not just any book. Because believe me, I do not in the slightest enjoy reading boring, nonfiction, history.
I dont like it. Never have.
But Fantasy novels.
Mystery. Exciting tales of war and peace and love and death, that all leave you gasping for breath even though they arent even real.
Those are what I love.
Books that cause physical reactions in me. Laughing. Smiling, even. Tears. Heart ache.
I love them.

Sometimes I go weeks, months even, without reading. Because life gets in the way. Work. Kids. Husband. Bills. Family drama. Stress of planning, (or trying to)for the future.
It all gets overwhelming and steals any time you have.

And then I go to the library (Because Dani cannot stand having no new books to read, and as a good mother, I encourage this addiction to books) and I see a book, and I decide to pick it up, snag it for myself, check it out, reserve the sequel, and read the crap outta that book.

And I remember.
This is why I love reading. I love that words on a page can suck me from this life and transport me to something other, something different, where other peoples concerns become my own. Where other worlds become important to me. Where other people, who admittedly dont even exist for real, mean something to me.

Always, every single bloody time, after I read a fantastic book, I feel that urge. That kindling to my fire. That spark of a match from my Muse, and I write again.

So here I am, letting you know, that I am officially writing the Fourth book in The Empyrean Chronicles.

Since November (Thank you NaNoWriMo) when I wrote the third book, Enthralling Retribution, I havent written at all. About a week ago, I finally started blasting through edits upon edits. Revising it and polishing it, to make it become something better than what it was. Something actually readable.

And then thats it.
No new words pouring from my fingertips.
No new creations. No people, discussion. or fighting. Nothing new.

But now I feel it.
And now I'll write.
Thank you, all you amazing books that Ive read, for making me want more. For reminding me why I love to read. And why I love to write.

PS- I totally wrote this after reading Ash like Snow and Ice like Fire. The first and second in a fantastic YA fantasy series!
go find them. and read them.


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