Beta Readers and Teasers for My Book

Ok, so as you all (may or may not) know, I have been writing my first novel for a while now.

When I first started this blog, I naively believed that once I finished the story, (see description here) the book was done.

Unfortunately that isnt true.

After you finish the story, you have to revise and edit the story a million and two times before its ACTUALLY done.

So, I have revised it again and have some teasers for you!

If you would like to be a beta reader and give me some advise on my book, please contact me via email at: theresamcrocker[at] gmail (dot) com. (crocker is my maiden name)


“His face was before me then, a huge man, if he could even be described as a man, with dark, almost black hair, shaggy, hanging around his face, a hard jaw, and cruel black eyes. He was dressed, from head to toe in deep black, as if any light around him would incinerate his whole being.
His eyes were the most terrifying of all his features, like they were trying to tear me apart from the inside.
That’s when I remembered the feeling… the burning sensation that ran throughout my entire body the moment his eyes captured mine.”

            “Finally I could cry freely, without the harsh unspoken judgments of the people around me watching. I was crying so hard the bed was trembling under me, and my lap was starting to soak. I didn’t care though, what I cared about, I could no longer have.”

“I felt warm and tingly all over, and the butterflies came back to reside once again in my belly. I felt like the temperature in the room had increased ten degrees in a matter of seconds, and I felt like my head was spinning. I had the urge to lean forward; he was sitting just inches in front of me. I could lean and touch his face with my hand so easily; I could place my finger to his lips and trace the outline. No, it’s not my finger that wants to touch his lips…”

“Have you ever heard of the apocalypse?”

“There was a gazebo on the left with ivy growing up all around it and dozens of different kinds of flowers all around it, there mixed aromas were intoxicating. To the left was a small pond that shimmered in the sunlight and babbled a welcoming song. I heard a thrumming noise before I saw the hummingbird fly past my head and hover over a large hibiscus. It looked fake, like a dream; too good to be true. I could almost imagine a unicorn walking by, like this was straight out of a fairy tale.”

“I was terrified, no matter the amount of training I had, it never could have prepared me for this. I wasn’t prepared to deal with the risk of losing either of the people standing next to me.”

“I would not bow before the devil. I would now cower and crawl.”

“The way he looked at me now was not so much causing the butterflies and the tingly feeling in my stomach; it was a much deeper yearning I felt now. It was a need, no longer a want. It was a desire so primitive I had no hope for escaping it. It was passion.”

“He pulled me closer not letting my lips leave his. We kissed passionately, our want over flowing. His lips parted mine, and I breathed in his scent, tasting him on my tongue. My breathing sped, as did my heart. It swelled with the knowledge that he loved me back.”

“We waited anxiously for their arrival. We had known it might take a while for them to arrive, but we knew they could move quickly. We waited only five minutes before the first ones arrived. They didn’t come running as we had thought they might; they just appeared out of thin air.

“Together we felt unstoppable, unbeatable… immortal!”

“My vision was clearer, everything came into focus. My muscles stronger, I could feel each ligament and sinew wrapped around each bone. My fingers tightened on his arm. He flinched under the pressure.”

So, there you have it!
Hope you enjoyed reading little bits from my book!

Like I said, if you wanna be a beta reader, let me know :)
Leave a comment so I know what you think!


  1. Great teasers! Your book sounds amazing, best of luck!

  2. "After you finish the story, you have to revise and edit the story a million and two times before its ACTUALLY done."

    A pain I am all too familiar with -- but you know what they say about putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your work. Anyway, I'm hoping you can pull off a win with your book. Your character's talk of the apocalypse is certainly...intriguing... *steeples hands and smiles evilly*

  3. I promise I will have an email in your box before this weekend is over. I set like, an hour aside today and I wrote out a schedule.. I have GOT to learn time management if I am going to be a housewife, a writer, a reader, AND a gamer.. so serious. Since it's not the first draft though, I'm going to pick it apart a bit more than last time.. you prepared for that? ;D

    1. Take your time!
      I appreciate ALL your AMAZING advice!

      And... I want you to pick it apart! I cant make it better if everyone sugar coats things and doesnt tell me what wrong with it! :)

  4. he sounds super dangerous... and she seems to like him like that. LOL. Great teasers! Good luck with your book!!

  5. Wonder by she is crying? Nice teasers thanks for sharing and stopping by.

  6. Hey congratz on the hard work! I also write, though I have no ms's in any kind of finished form, just some short stories. Keep up the hard work!

    Beth ^_^

  7. Hey! I've tagged you for the Would You Rather...? tag! To learn more visit my blog

    And nice teasers!

  8. Great teasers! It's so cool that you've got your own book! :D


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