Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Update on My BOOKS

So… As I’ve mentioned before, I am writing a trilogy, the first book is written, but I’m in the process of revising/editing. I had some people read it, give feedback and advice, and I’m trying to make it the best it can be.
WELL- I have decided that it needs some SERIOUS work. I’m adding in a whole new element, basically giving the antagonist a reason to want to be bad, not just to be a bad guy JUST because he is. AND I am seriously upping the stakes. He isn’t just going to try and kill the protagonist; he is going to do SO much MORE! Because of this, it is taking a lot longer than I had originally thought to edit it. I’m adding a lot more to the story, not just tightening up the writing.
As I’m writing my book, and going through each chapter, one at a time, I’m falling in love with the story all over again! Its pretty amazing! I think, “I would LOVE this book, even if it wasn’t mine!”
And as I continue to read more books, I come more to the realization every day that the story is DEFINITELY good enough to be a real book!

This isn’t just a dream in my head, this is NOT unattainable. I can do this! J
It’s pretty exhilarating when you realize it!

So the update:
POWER, Book 1-
still revising, but half way done with it. I’m hoping to be done revising it in the next month or two, and then I’ll send it out again to some readers for more advice/feedback.
HOPE, Book 2- 17,000 words out of 100,000
TRUTH, book 3- 0 out of 100,000.

FAE WORLD ROMANCE (YA series)- outline is complete, will start writing it after I finish revising POWER.
Children’s books- First 3 in the series are complete and I have queried agents. (Will probably use a pen name for these books)


  1. Yay! I'm so excited! Can I read it again when it's revised?! I'm too excited to wait till it's published, you have to take pity on me! *beg beg*

    1. OF COURSE!!!
      Your advice and feedback was the most beneficial!!!! I will SOOO be begging you to read it again before I even try to get published! :)

  2. That's the spirit! I wish you all the luck. Editing is really a writer's best friend, when we use it to take our stories to new highs. =)

    1. Thank you!!!
      But, I think editing is my worst nightmare, not my best friend... haha.
      Its just a nightmare that has a happy ending! ;)

  3. Had no idea you were trying to write a book! What's is about?? So excited for you, don't give up! :D

    1. Yes I am! I actually was pretty naive and thought- Hey, i wrote a book, now I need to publish it! BUT it was soo poorly written, so amature, I got a few friends to read it and now Im making it publish worthy! haha
      My books are about a battle between good and evil. After Lucifer was cast from the heavens, he decided to get revenge and steal as many humans as he could. He, along with his most vile demons, came to earth to breed evil in humans. To counteract this treachery, God sent his right hand, Michael the Archangel, to bestow upon 9 human women Power, the essence of good, and strength… pure power. The only hope left for the world, is a prophesy, that one day a woman will be born, who has descended from all of the first 9 women, and this woman will rid the world of all evil.
      The story is about this girl! :)

    2. WOW this book sounds really interesting! I also love writing but I don't have anything even nearly finished to consider publishing. But this sounds great!

    3. Thank you!!!! :)

      It took me a LONG time to decide to actually write a book. I have a ton of stories, but it was a while before I could actually sit down and write it!

  4. I'm so glad that you're loving your story. Good luck with revising. I can't wait to find out more about your Fae World Romance series!


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