Success is Mine.

This week has been very successful for me.
I finally started writing again!!

Last week i wasnt able to write at all due to a special project I was part of at work... So now that its over, I was able to write again.

I wrote an awesome 6000 words this week. YES... sometimes I can write that much in ONE day... but this week I didnt JUST write. I also read a lot too!!

I read
City of Ashes and City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
and also
Matched and Crossed by Ally Condie!!

And on top of reading and reviewing those four books, I was still able to write 6000 words!!!
So... as I said, feeling pretty successful!

And now Im reading Divergent and its... AWESOME!!!

Also... now that Amazon has released their newest Kindle, I plan on replacing my sad broken one!!! (I SOOO cannot wait!!!!)


  1. I wish I had been so productive this week. All I really did was read. Should've done some writing. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. I did at least decide I needed to completely revamp the plot for my untitled novel.. is that productive?

    Did you decide which Kindle to get? I'm super excited for you. I want to upgrade mine, but since I don't really need to and I have a loan I would rather pay off first I figure I can wait. *pout*

  2. I didn't write this week- well, not anything significant. Did write a few little stories, but my novel is stuck, sigh.

  3. The new Kindle launch is such a bummer for me. My old one broke and I got a new Kindle Touch last week and now the new one has come out. Meh....
    Lucky you.


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