Review- the Covenent Within

The Covenant Within

Title: The Covenant Within
Author: R.A.R. Clouston
Most people dream, many experience déjà vu; some believe in reincarnation. But what if it really was possible to relive the lives of your ancestors?

American CEO, Jack Sinclair, is tormented by dreams of people he doesn't know and places he's never been, making him wonder if he is going insane. A phone call from a psychiatrist in Edinburgh wakes him out of another dream. She tells him that his estranged twin brother has committed suicide. Filled with mixed emotions, Sinclair travels to the Orkney Islands off northern Scotland to attend the funeral and soon discovers troubling circumstances surrounding his brother's death. To uncover the truth, he journeys into the shadowy world locked behind the veil of consciousness via what the psychiatrist calls genetic memory. This vast ancestral inheritance is passed down through DNA and surfaces only in dreams, déjà vu, or visions of past lives. With the doctor's help, Sinclair relives dramatic events from his distant past and discovers a dark secret about his family that traces back to the hill called Calvary. Throughout, he is pursued by unknown killers, and by another force of evil from which he cannot escape: the beast of his onrushing insanity.
So… this is not a book I normally would read. I don’t like any books that delve into anything religious or with Christianity, because too often they go against my own personal beliefs.
BUT- My mom told me she loved it… so I read it.
And it wasn’t half bad.  The story follows a man on his journey to discovering what happened to his now dead brother. The way he finds out? By going through his ancestors memories that are buried in his DNA. It’s a really awesome concept!!
To think that every person leaves a mark on their DNA, with memories that had a huge impact on their lives, is a great idea. And the author pulls this off well. You believe that Jack Sinclair (the Main Character) is going through his dreams to relive parts of time that his ancestors lived. The science and technology sounded real enough to me... but im no scientist.
There is a Paranormal aspect, I suppose, about a Talisman that can give powers, kind of. Basically, if you have a good heart, it made you better, and if you had an evil heart, you were made worse. But no one could harm you while you had it on, and no one could take it by force from you, until you died.
So that was interesting… The religious aspect, was that the Talisman was made by the wood of the 2 crosses that were next to the cross Jesus died on, (aka the two thieves)
Im pretty sure it was a self published book because the writing was not completely polished and I noticed a few grammatical errors.
There was some romance, but it was definitely not a romance novel. Basically they fell in love just by looking at each other… lame. Then they kinda liked each other, but also didn’t like each other, but somehow still loved each other… Maybe Im biased because I LOVE me some romance novels… and this had potential to have a beautiful romance story too, but just fell flat. I really wish there hadn’t been ANY romance at all.
The cover… well it sucks pretty bad! The sword makes it look like a fantasy novel, which its not. And the red is kinda ugly…
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this book. And though, my mother played it up to be a WONDERFUL AMAZING AWESOME book… it wasn’t and maybe I was a little let down.
Rating: 3 Stars.
You should read it If you like books that make you really think, If you enjoy trying to figure out puzzles, and If you want some suspense and excitement.


  1. I don't usually read christian books so I don't think this is the book for me but I'm glad you ended up liking it. :)


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