Productive Day

Last night my 6 year old daughter got sick and threw up several times! Because of this, I stayed home from work today. Though we have spent some time together, the majority of the day she spent relaxing in bed or watching TV. I figure, since she is sick, she is allowed a day of nothingness to recuperate.

What this really means to me is, I have finally had a chance to blog, To REALLY blog. I spent many hours reading blogs and commenting. I posted another review. I started reading a book, then decided it was too horrible to continue (OH MAN- just in the prologue I counted 5 grammatical errors!), so I started another.

I have also figured out different things to do with my blog. I added
the Label follower, so that you can browse my posts according to the labels, and I have figured out how to add pages. Though originally I wanted to add tabs at the top where I could list my different posts, I think the different pages is a much better option!!

Last but not least, I have begun deciding how to revise the beginning of my novel. As I have mentioned before, I have recently finished my rough draft of my first novel, Power. I naively thought it was ready to try and publish, and started querying agents. However, after I began blogging, I learned SO much about how to write a novel and how to get published. That being said, after asking for reviews, critiques and feedback, I have decided that my novel needs MANY revisions before it will be ready to publish. The hardest part is fixing the things that need to be fixed, if that makes sense. The grammatical errors are simple, it’s the other stuff that harder. Elaborating on a scene, adding more definition to a character, and especially, HOOKING the reader from the very beginning.

All in all, a very productive day.
Now to finish reading another book, so that I can start reading another.


  1. That just goes to show that something good can come from anything--even a sick child. A productive day is a good day!

    I hope your daughter feels better soon.

  2. Hope your daughter fells better soon. Nice that you had a productive day.

    1. Yes, a productive day is ALWAYS nice!
      and she is feeling better now! Thanks!

  3. Well, I'm glad my Bo Chan Chan's afflication could lead to your productivity. :) Anyway, yeah. If the book doesn't catch me on the first page, I have a hard time reading past that. Good luck! And I hope you get lots of inspiration! :)


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