Review: H2O The Novel

H2O the Novel

Title: H2o The Novel
Authors: Austin Boyd and 
Brannon Hollingsworth


  H2O is a contemporary crossover women’s novel that tells the story of Kate Pepper, a successful young business woman in Seattle whose life is suddenly—and strangely—turned upside down. Unexplainable visions torment her every time she gets wet. Sinking into despair, frantic to avoid water at any cost, Kate ultimately finds romance and redemption through the advice of simple people who love her for who she is, not what she was.
   Kate Pepper has it all . . . a razor-sharp intellect, perfect health, stunning beauty, a wildly successful career, and all the money she can spend. Or rather, she thinks she has it all.
   Despite the perfect shell, there’s something dark inside Kate. Terrible visions send her into a deep depression and her world crumbles. All her business savvy and elite connections don’t make a difference; she has lost control.
Who will save her? Xavier, her predatory boyfriend? Or Candice, the Down syndrome waitress at her favorite coffee shop? At the bottom of her dark well, desperate to get out of the water, there’s nowhere to reach but up.
   H2O—a fascinating allegorical look at success, sanity and spiritual redemption in a young woman’s relationship with water.

Im not really exactly sure where to go with this review. See, when I requested this book from Netgalley, It was because I thought it was going to be a paranormal/fantasy romance novel. (which is what I generally prefer to read) however, that is not the case.

The story is about a flawed, damaged woman, Kate Pepper, who on the outside appears to be strong and successful. She had a past she didn’t care for, and a dark secret that too many women can relate to. At the beginning of the story, she has a great job, making good money, an abusive(verbally and emotionally, not physically) boyfriend who is way below her and an all-around scumbag douche.

But then, out of nowhere, when she touches any water (even tears, fog, or sweat) she passes out and has these crazy visions. (hence why I thought this would be a paranormal novel… about visions) She kinda goes crazy, in that she decides to stop touching water at all. No bathing, no washing, no drinking any water at all. She even has medical issues arise (kidney issues) due to lack of water. And this part of the novel was written very well and believably.
And while she is hermitizing herself, she begins to chat online with a person who is offering to help her. A couple months down the road, this someone turns up to fix her toilet (which is having issues bec she refuses to touch the water to wash her hands, so she uses a ton of toilet paper)

I really liked his character, John Conner (I kept thinking of the movie, The Terminator. Haha) He was a perfect man. And had no faults. Which is unreal, bec every single person has faults. So… I didn’t like that, but whatever.

Anyways, he helps her, and she continues to try to avoid water at all costs. While in the meantime she tries to figure out what is causing these visions.

This is where the book turns from paranormal to Christian fiction. Now, im a Christian, and I have no problems with God of Jesus or anything like that… but I rarely will ever read Christian fiction because I don’t like to be preached to.

That being said, I continued to read this story. And I really enjoyed it anyways. the book never really turns preachy in that it says "youhave to go to church." But it does strongly suggest the power of prayer and faith in God.

Kate learned about forgiveness and redemption, something every person wants and needs in their lives. (especially people with secrets and regrets from years ago)

There was some great character development in this novel, and the writing was great (though at times it kinda dragged with too much… you don’t have to write 3 pages to explain and describe the colors of the rainbow. I get it, all the colors were there and pretty. But it was issues like this, where there would be 5 pages to describe 1 thing, that kinda had me skimming at times)

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys religious/christian fiction.
Rating: 4 stars
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