Bloggy Vacation is over! IM BACK

HEY!! Im Back!!! FINALLY!
SO true!! my life is seriously lacking when im not on here!!

So at first my bloggy vacation was because of Thanksgiving and all the millions of things I was doing. BUT then I got VERY sick!! I had a severe case on tonsillitis AND strep! And it was the worst case ever! I was in bed at least 2 full days! Then after 3 days of antibiotics (and my throat and body pain still getting worse) I went back for steroid pills too. And FINALLY today I am almost better! I mean… I am better, but not 100% yet.
You may not wanna see this... but here it is. This was my throat 2 days ago!
notice the enlarged/swollen tonsils and the WHITE pus pockets!

I also was able to visit the Alamo (its a big thing in Texas History (in the US)) Ive lived fairly close to it my whole life and never went... So I finally went with my husband to look at Christmas lights also!

AND- my NEWEST baby niece was born! Now Im up to NINE nieces!! :)
Here she is, Lea Renee!

Anyways. I was able to read some and ill have some reviews up soon!! 

SO glad to be back!!



  1. Eww.. glad you're feeling better. You've really never been to the Alamo?! I've been like a billion times. They used to take us on field trips all the time. Don't feel bad. Jason is way older than you and he has never been either.

    Aww!! Lea is sooo cute! Congratulations again to your little brother.. even if him having a baby does make me feel old. I swear he was like 7 the last time I saw him. I can't wrap my head around him having a baby.

  2. Every time I see people return from bloggy vacations, I can't help but remember Agent Smith standing in the rain saying, "Mr. Anderson, welcome back. Weee missed you."

    Glad recovery is in sight. Love the picture. :-)


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