Update on my Books

So… about a week ago I finished editing and revising my book… again. (see this post)
Then I sent it out to my beta readers. This is very exciting, to get tips, advice and feedback from people who are always reading books and people who are also writers! (AMAZING PEOPLE)
Its amazing to feel so accomplished, and yet to know that the more work you put into it, the better it will be!! So… you aren’t even really accomplished at all. Haha
Anyways, the book will probably have this one last beta read- revise/edit, and then Ill be querying agents again.
That’s it for book #1... 

I participated in a group chat/writers support group that encourages writing for 20 minutes, then resting for 10, then writing for 20 minutes, etc… Like, little writing sprints. And while I did, I ended up adding 1000 words to Book #2. Now, I haven’t opened Book #2 in a LONG while, since I have been working on Book #1 and reading like crazy to get caught up on all the great books I need to review.

But I couldn’t believe that I sat down and wrote so much in such a short time. It was basically just one scene and I’m not even sure if it fits there, since I didn’t go back and re-read where I even was in the story when I started writing it. But it gave me some serious motivation to write again.

This order has been working really well for me.
Read like CRAZY for like… a month, then write like a MAD person for a month. The read, then write, and so on. Taking a break from writing for a while really makes a huge difference for me, especially when you fill the time with reading, because it only helps you learn to write better!

Anyways, this week I’m reading Hush, Hush, Silence and Crescendo. Since I just finished Delirium and Pandemonium I wanna wait a while before I start reading Matched and Crossed (I hear they are very similar)
And then hopefully Ill have enough feedback and advice back to edit and revise my book… again.

Happy Reading… AND WRITING


  1. I need to pick my books back up this week. I have like 6 to finish. Ive been slowly reading yours, I want to be very detailed with it for you. :D Im super excited because my hubby is finally out of his class and on a two week leave and then he goes back to a normal work schedule and Ill be able to really really write again.

    1. Its no problem!
      Take your time!!

      And Im glad your husband is on leave!!!! Enjoy your time with him

  2. Yay! Keep up the good work!

    Beth ^_^


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