Thursday, August 23, 2012

POWER- Update on my First BOOK

OK- So… its time for an update!

As you may (or may not-if you haven’t been a follower for long) know- I am writing some books. My first series, The Descendent Trilogy is what my focus is on right now, and then I have a fairy series that will come next. I have finished POWER, the first book in my trilogy and am currently working on HOPE, book #2.
I still need to go back and revise/edit POWER book #1, one more time, but I need to wait until my fabulous beta readers get all their feedback/advice back to me. SO- in the meantime, I am working on book # 2.
You see... I have been reading SO MUCH (read this blog!) on Traditional Publishing versus Self-Publishing, and Im not going to wait around and get rejected time and again to get $20,000 for selling 179,000 books (OMG-Harlequin Fail post 1, 2, 3) If I was lucky enough to sell 179,000 books through self publishing I would get at least $300,000+, depending on the price I set for the books... Anyways, thats a WHOLE other topic.
That being said, Im actually (finally) getting serious about writing and SELF Publishing. I’m not going to read a book a day and not have any time to write. I have been really focused on my blog for the last few months and have kinda pushed my writing aside to try and get some followers. Ill probably still read 1-2 books a week, so that I can keep up with my reviews, but I am really going to focus on writing.
My new goal:

Finish the first draft of HOPE by Sept 30!
Right now im at 25,000 words, out of like 80,000.
That’s pretty good. And Im pretty proud of myself. haha. I just added 4200 Words on Tuesday and yesterday I wrote another 3300!!
So… That’s the goal, finish it by Sept 30. AND finish all the revising on Book # 1 by then too.  
I finally started up a Twitter account like… 2 months ago, and Ive got a couple hundred followers now (if you follow me, ill follow you back) But now I want to start up a MrsTheresaJones Facebook page. I have a personal FB, but I post some pretty personal stuff… SO- Im gonna have an author page.

When that happens, you should ALL go and friend/like my page! J
Anyways… that’s the focus now.
Ill update you when I decide on the cover for POWER!
I have been working on it, and I have secured myself a GORGEOUS model (actually, she is just a great friend).

So we will mess around with some covers, and then I may have a poll on here to see what people like best!

Wish me luck!


  1. This is fantastic news! I'm very excited for you and I will definitely buy your book if you choose self-publishing. :D

  2. I'm starting to think that I am going to end up self-publishing too. After everything I read.. yeah.. the publishing industry officially scares me.

    I'm about half done with my thoughts on POWER. I'm reading it very slowly so I don't miss anything for you. :D

    1. Yay, its super scary. But- traditional publishing will probably secure you a large fan base!
      Anyways, take your time. Like I said, I'm really focusing on number 2 :)

  3. Good luck on meeting those goals! I've found that setting date-based goals work better for me than daily word-count goals that so many people swear by. Each person has to use what works best for them.

    I just created a Facebook page this month myself. Still haven't quite got it all figured out yet, but I'm working on it.


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