Review: The Tower by Jade Varden

The Tower (Deck of Lies, #2)

Title: Tower (Deck of lies #2)
Author: Jade Varden
Death brings some families closer, but it’s ripped mine apart. I wanted to convince the police that they had the wrong suspect...but I never expected them to start suspecting me. Now, I have no choice but to keep searching for the truth, even if all my relationships fall to pieces around me.
Someone is trying to make me look guilty. I never thought my mission to prove my own innocence would lead me to more family secrets. I thought I had already discovered the truth about myself. But every answer raises more questions, and everything I think I know is about to change...again.
I have to find the truth, no matter how much it hurts -- before I get charged with murder.
So, after reading Justice (Deck of Lies #1) I immediately bought and started reading Tower. And boy, I still couldn’t put it down. It seems like on every page you are learning something new, more truths revealed.
The story starts right where the first one stopped. Rain (or Chloe, or Glory) is still at the center of several lies, that involves not only her family, but other prominent families as well.
You follow her on her journey to discovering exactly who she is and where she is from, all while she tries to prove that River (and now herself as well) are not guilty. In her search for the killer and the truth, she finds out so much more than she bargained for.  However, she may not like what she finds.
I really enjoyed the story as it continued. I liked some of the twists, though at times it was a little hard to follow (only because the lies were just that twisted.)
I missed River in this one, and even in the ONE instance he shows up (in form of a letter) I still liked him. I don’t know whats going to happen with Rain. I guess she cant really focus on boys or relationships, as her whole life continues to fall apart, but Im just a hopeless romantic and love… LOVE. Haha
Anyways. Another breathtaking, fast-paced, eye-opening and jaw-dropping novel from an Awesome author!
Buying the Third one now!
Rating: 4 stars (the only thing missing this time was River… and again, im not a fan of the cover.)

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  1. You're right about the cover, but boy, does it sound good! I'll get the first book first, though... I don't want to miss any details. =)


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