Review: The Bar Code Prophecy

Title: The Bar Code Prophesy
Author: Suzanne Weyn

The third book in the Bar Code series, in which one girl struggles to escape the conformity of a dystopian world.
Just as in the original Bar Code Tattoo, the year is 2025 and the mysterious, ubiquitous, and seemingly omnipotent multi-national corporation, Global 1, is in power through their agent President Loudon Waters. But now this ominous situation is experienced through the eyes of sixteen-year-old Grace Morrow.
When Grace finds out that she's adopted, her biological father, who's the head of the Global 1 nano-bot injection project, urges her against getting the bar code tattoo when she turns seventeen. Stunned by the revelations, she goes home to find her adoptive family vanished, and she's determined to find them, turning to the anti-bar-code group Decode. As they uncover more information about tracking, Grace must hide deep underground and under cover, trying to discover information that will allow Decode to figure out what Global 1 is up to, and trying desperately to shut the organization down for good

I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. Its pretty short, only about 200 pages, but a very exciting read. The story is of a 17 year old girl, who lives about 20 or so years in the future, where a huge company has designed bar codes for every person to have. The barcodes have all your personal information, your genes, your intelligence level, etc. But also, they inset little nanobots to track your whereabouts and even kill you if they want.
Anyways, there is this prophesy that something crazy bad will happen to the earth due to what we humans have done to the earth. I really liked the way the author incorporated current events (the BP oil spill in 2010, and the current hysteria about the Mayan calendar saying the world will end in 2012…)

So you follow this 17 year old girl, Grace, as she tries to save her family and basically save the world.

The whole romance thing was so far in the background, that when they professed their love for each other I was very surprised… I thought there wouldn’t be a romance… bec it was nonexistent throughout the book.

I liked Grace, she was a pretty good heroine, and Eric (the love interest) was a cool guy. But like I said, their interactions were pretty few and far between. Maybe because the book was just too short.

Anyways, overall it was an exciting, fast read. I think it could have been better… but still was enjoyable.

*I have to add, that I didn’t realize until I was about to upload my review, that this is actually the THIRD book in a series!!! Maybe I should go back to read the first 2 books to get a better feel for this. Despite that, I didn’t  feel like I was lacking in anything reading this book without the first two.

Rating: 4 stars. 

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