Nano Week 2

So... my word count at the half way mark is...

Not quite the 25,000 that Im supposed to be at, but getting there. 
I wrote 3500+ words today, which is phenomenal for a Sunday (the only day my husband is off.)

Also, this weekend was a big and busy one for us.
My daughter turned 10!!! TEN! No more single digits! 

So we had a huge sleepover, which rolled into Saturday. The party and sleepover went pretty bad, and the kids had to leave early. My daughter ended up crying the rest of the day. (PS. Girls and kids can be so mean sometime! Ugh.)

Anyways, so we spent a large majority of the weekend trying to make it better for her. 
So, the fact that i wrote at all is kind of a miracle. 

ALSO- my 4 year old was sick, throwing up, and miserable. 

On the bright side, ONE More week until the Thanksgiving Holiday (And a one week vacation, thanks to working for the school district!)

I plan on getting to at least 30,000 by the end of next week. 
And I think 20,000 will be doable with a week of no work, even with the holiday being in there. 

So, keep your fingers crossed for me. 
Teach your kids to be nice. 
Keep writing.
Keep reading.

And enjoy this weather!!!

Are you doing Nano this year?
How are you doing? You already at 25,000? Past 50,000? Just at 5,000?

Let me know. We can struggle and write together!


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