How I got the best pair of BOOKISH shoes ever!

So... about two weeks ago, my husband told me that he'd be getting something in the mail and to NOT OPEN IT. Because it would be one of my Christmas presents.

Alright. No problem.

Yesterday, we got that package.

Just a brown envelope with a To: and From: and thats about it.

Chris (the husband) gets home and says, "Just open it babe. I know you know what it is."
He was upset, face turning pink, short with his words. and grumpy.

Kinda like:

(But not really, because he doesnt really get mad. Ever.)

Surprised, I told him I honestly had no idea what it was. How could I? I mean, you could feel something through the bag.
But he was adamant that I already knew what it was.

The From name looked kinda like the last name was Purse, So I went back to trying to figure out what was inside. (Afraid he mightve gotten me a purse. And though you dont know this, because you dont really know me, Ill tell you a secret. I dont like purses. I dont ever use one. I keep the importants in my wallet, that I sometimes carry with me. But thats it.)

Anyways, after telling him multiple times that I honestly had no idea whatsoever what was in it, and him continuing to tell me that he KNEW that i knew what was in it, I gave in, and said FINE.

*Note- right here, I was actually getting super excited about it. Because I really didnt know at all what was in it. And he seemed to think I did, which made me think i SHOULD, but i just couldnt figure it out, and OMG the suspense was getting to me!

So, I grabbed some scissors and tore it open.


Here it is for you.

The glory of my new, most awesome shoes EVER!!!!

How he thought I would know that THESE were in that package...I have no idea.

I mean, I saw a FB post about these a couple months ago! Hadnt even thought about them since then, knowing (haha. as if i couldve known the future. I am no abada) that I would never actually own some!

Anyways... Best husband ever? Yeah, I think so!

PS- I went back and found the post (From Sept!) and here is the link to Annie's Shoes


In case you dont know what's on these shoes, I need you to go check out Jennifer L Armentrout because she is pretty much the coolest author ever. Not only does she write like a superwoman, pumping out SEVERAL books a year, but they are ALL so amazing! 

These shoes are referencing her Covenant Series. Which now has a spinoff Titan Series.

Covenant Series

Heres a giveaway:



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