What are you reading??

I have like 1,050,135,516,305,161 books, on my TBR shelf.

No, not really. But pretty close.

AND, even with ALL those books,

that I DO want to read, that all look interesting and probably would provide me with a gazillion hours of reading,

 I still don't know what to read.


What are you reading?

OR what have you read recently that was super awesome, that makes you scream for joy?


What did you read last that was SOOO good, it would make you wanna just snatch it away from whoever else has it.


it made you cry! 

Because, you know what, the last book that made me cry was TFIOS and thats been a long time now, and so- yeah. I think it's time to read a book so emotionally charged it makes me cry!!!

And finally, I'll leave you with this gif of Jensen dancing as payment for you helping me out- Because you know you're smiling right now! 

 what should I read?


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