Mailing Lists? ... Really?

So the other day I spent almost 2 hours messing with the html crap.
I Shouldve been writing.
I always shouldve been writing.

Just... every time I read an article about a successful indie author, they always have one thing in common.

Big mailing lists.
That seems super unimportant to me. Like, does anyone actually read emails that get sent out in mass quantities? I know I dont!
But whatever, I guess its a thing.

So I fixed the html on my blog, so that I could add a "Subscribe to my email list" thing.
(Its on the top right!)

My new goal will be to generate more email subscribers,
I guess...
I mean, Im so not gonna do that right now though...

Writing. Thats what I wanna do.
Thats the whole point here, right? To write.

So... Im about 1/4 of the way done with Enthralling Retribution (Empyrean Chronicles 3)
Enticing Violence is out NOW
Go buy it.

PS- go subscribe to my email list. LOL Just since I spent 2 hours working on it.

Subscribe to my mailing list!

Some articles that Ive read that stress email lists...


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