Teaser 1- "Touch my butt"


     It was so hot and sticky I wanted to jump in after him. I really did. But it was puke green. I would definitely get sick, and there were probably a number of diseases growing in the stagnant water. Leeches. Snakes. Maybe even alligators or something.

      His head popped up and his loose hair flung water all around his head, a giant smile on his face.
      “Scared…?” he teased. “Is the big badass Lily, the one with this master plan to kill some badguys, too afraid to swim in a lake?”

       I flinched at the backhanded insult, and glared down at him.

      “Not scared," I shrugged. "Smart. I’m not gonna help pull the leeches off your butt when you get out, ya know.”

       He laughed again, a deep, real laugh that pulled the corners of my lips up.

       “Don’t lie. You’d love the chance to touch my butt.”

Publication date is only a couple weeks away.
September 1, 2015.

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When seventeen year old Lily finds her parents brutally murdered, leaving her broken and alone, she is determined to bring justice to the fairies responsible.

Her quest leads her to infiltrate The Empyrean, the land of the Fae where terrifying creatures lurk in every shadow. But with a political rebellion mounting, bloody battles and foreign enemies stand in her way. Alec, a mysterious fairy keeping his own secrets, gradually becomes her guide and dear friend in the unfamiliar world, and restores her faith in love.

Disturbing secrets about her parent’s true identity are revealed, causing her to be more involved with the devastating fairy war than she can afford.  Her vengeful mission becomes compromised and her growing romance with Alec wavers.

She must conquer her fear of the unknown, ignore her grief, and overcome her growing list of enemies if she is to succeed in avenging her parents’ death. Or ever make it out alive.

Enchanted Revenge appeals to fans of Julie Kagawa and Jennifer L. Armentrout.

This is a full length novel, and is the first in the four-book Empyrean Chronicles. It is a YOUNG ADULT urban fantasy, and has some mild sensuality and language.


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