Wednesday, May 15, 2013

REDHEAD?? Oh my...

In a topic completely unrelated to books… Ive gone red.

As you can tell from my pictures above, or from my About ME page, Im a brunette. Always have been.

Its not a pretty brunette, like the color of toffee or honey. Nope. It’s a plain, blah brown.
BUT ive always been too chicken to change it to any color other than brown.

Two days ago… I faced my fears.

THOUGH, because we are tight on money (see my post HERE about how my husband and I both got laid off from the same company at the same time) I didn’t want to spend $100 to get it done professionally. Instead a bought a $7 box of hair dye and did it myself.

Though, its not the color I was going for (since my hair is soo dark, it NEVER is the color on the box) Im still kinda digging the redhead look!!

So... here it is. 

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