The Scooter Store

So, as i mentioned in a post earlier this week, I worked (until recently) at a local Medical Equipment provider called The Scooter Store. 
Right now this company is under attack by the media and the is under investigation from the government and FBI.

So... since they laid me off, suddenly and without a severance check, i thought i would share my experiences with this company.

I wrote a book, that is now published!!

You can buy it on Amazon HERE
Behind Closed Doors -The Truth about The Scooter Store from a Former Employee

Have you heard of The Scooter Store? Do you know what they do or the kind of people they help?
Perhaps you have heard of the recent FBI raids or Medicare Fraud Claims. Maybe you have seen someone riding around in a Power Chair or seen the Advertisements on television.

Do you want to know what the truth is? 
Do you want to know what really happened at The Scooter Store?

Hear it from an employees first hand account. Learn the truth about what really went on Behind Closed Doors.

Note- This is a short Non-Fiction Book about my personal experiences. You will read also testimonials from several other employees as well. 

Maybe you will finally get some answers regarding all of those claims the media makes. Were they right? Read this book to find out!


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