and then there were more...

Im here... still alive.

I know ive been terrible at blogging lately. So sorry about that.

Just some updates on stuff:

1. I've decided to start querying for The Empyrean. Just see how it goes. If nothing comes of it, Ill start the publication process once again on Amazon.

2. Im almost finished with the rough draft of the sequel. So, if I do self-publish, Ill hope to have the second book available rather quickly afterward the first.

3. I have not worked at all on the final book of The Descendant Trilogy. It hasnt happened, and I have no idea when it will. My Empyrean characters have been too loud and demanding for me to write anything other than their stories. But, to be honest, Ive got other charcters poppint up and demanding to be heard as well.  So after book 2 in The Empyrean Chronicles, I might be starting another new series.

- Dont worry. the rest of The Empyrean Chronicles will definitely be written.

4. Well, thats about it.

My reading has deviated drastically from what I normally read. Ive been reading a lot of epic/high fantasy. Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (which is an epic story, and an impressive feat to read all the books.) Game of Thrones. And Lord of The Rings.

Then - in a different switch, I read a lot of dystopian. 1984. The Giver, Animal Farm and Brave New World.

Other than the Wheel of Time series, I'd previously read all of these other books. I think I just needed a fresh perspective on writing and reading. something different than the first person POV YA titles I generally love.


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