Thursday, May 22, 2014

How to dye your hair two tones, red on top and black underneath.

So… at one point recent I decided I needed to make SOME kind of change. I needed to do SOMETHING, but I didn’t know what.
And I knew that I wanted to something semi-big.
As a mother of 2 pretty babies, married and living a very 9-5 life, there wasn’t much I could do.

I dyed my hair! BRIGHT RED! It felt empowering! Strong. Awesome.

In case you wanna do it too…
Here is how:

Step 1: Buy your products.
-You’ll need Red hair dye for the top. I used Loreal Excellence hiColor Hilights in RED because it would lift the darker color (kind of like bleaching my hair) AND dye it red at the same time. Developer 30. (in the picture, i have the wrong developer next to each hair dye...)
-Instead of going BLACK on bottom, I decided to go for a SUPER dark brown. Clairol 3RV/68R Violet Brown...
-You need GLOVES (don’t forget these or your hands will get dyed and it will last a LONG time)
-a bowl to mix everything in.
-and scrunchies/something to separate your air and keep it separated.
(the lip gloss was for my 8 year old daughter... I guess she threw it in there for the picture)

Step 2: mix the red dye and apply to the top half of your hair.
I did do both colors at the same time… and since my hair is naturally dark, I chose to do the red first so it would be in longer.

*Notice the stains ALL over my shirt. Wear something you dont care about. 

Step 3: mix the second dye and put to bottom half of hair.
I parted my hair a little higher up then right above my ears. But generally you part it from ear to ear.

Step 4: WAIT… this was the part that didnt work too well for me. I had to go get my son and didnt plan the times right. (takes a lot longer to mix everything up and put it on than i thought it would. So plan for 2 hours at least. SOOOO- I didnt get to leave the dye on as long as i was supposed to...)

Step 5: wash out.

This was immediately after. I wasnt impressed at first. Wasnt as bright as i wanted it... 

But then it dried...

YAY!!! PRETTY hair!

Is was redder than the pictures look. the ones below are the best i could get that actually shows the color.

Go HERE to see how I bleached my hair without damaging it.

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  1. Your hair is super-cute! The red is especially pretty. I'm not the type to dye my hair, but I always love seeing the unique things others do with theirs. :)

    And I've had Power on my Kindle for a while now, but still haven't had the chance to read it yet, thanks to my large TBR pile! *shame on me*

    1. lol. Thanks.
      And trust me, I *REALLY* know how big TBR piles can be. ;)

  2. I like your hair, I think I'm going to follow your lead here, just reversing my color scheme because I think I want the burgundy underneath? Not sure yet..? Thanks for the instructions...just what I was looking for!! :)

    1. Yay! Glad it helps!
      You should post a picture when you do it! So we can see

  3. Is the developer 30 necessary?? If so... When does it come into play in the process??

    1. developer is always neccessary when dying hair.
      There are several kinds (10-40) 40 you should rarely use, it is the strongest and also the most damaging. 10 is the weakest, but least harsh on your hair.
      I generally stick with 20 for darker colors and 30 for lighter colors.
      The 30 is what I used with the red.

  4. Dose it work the same when u die the top blond and the bottom dark brown do u die the top first?

    1. Yes. I would dye them at seperate times though, if youre doing blond, because you dont want any of the darker colors to wash/mix in with the blond. :)

  5. Hello, I was wondering if you had any tips for dyeing half black and half red hair an even red color??

    1. If you have black hair, and you want to make it basically any other color, you'd have to bleach it first.
      AT some point here in the near future, ill be posting some info on bleaching hair.

      JUST BE CAREFUL when you bleach. Bleaching causes a LOT of damage to your hair, and scalp!
      And if you bleach, and then want to dye it, it causes even more damage!!!
      Your best bet would be to bleach it (possibly multiple times, especially if your hair is dyed black, and not naturally black) until its all one color. To bleach multiple times, you really want to wait in between bleaches, otherwise, you can DEFINITELY for real damage your hair and burn your head. Not kidding.

      I would wait 3-4 weeks after its all one color to die it red, or any other color.

      good luck!!

      PS_ coconut oil works WONDERS!!!!! Soak your head and hair in it over night, often. Especially if youre bleaching it.
      You can even bleach your hair WITH coconut oil STILL in your hair!! It will seriously protect your scalp and hair!!

  6. Did you wash them out together or separate

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