Wells Fargo and lack of Customer Service

Dear Wells Fargo,

Do you care at all about Customer Satisfaction anymore?

Let me tell you what happened recently.
I've been banking with Wells Fargo since I was 14 years old (when i got my first job) I have been a loyal WF customer for over a decade now. 
During this time I never had a single issue with Wells Fargo. ZERO overdraft issues, ZERO missed payments (I also have a WF Credit Card- and a Savings account as well)
I even worked for Wells Fargo, as both a Teller and then Lead Teller. 
About a year and a half ago, I added my new husband to my accounts, Welcoming in another new customer to your fold.
During that transaction- apparently the banker didnt add Overdraft protection to my account (despite my having a savings acct and CC with WF that would make for Overdraft protection, and how I had it set up before I added my husband)

This month (about a week ago) I had my very first overdraft... I couldnt believe it. I had Overdraft protection...right?
Come to find out, no... it was taken off when I added my husband. 

So, I go in to speak to a banker, Explain the situation. 
-Ive been banking with you for 10 years.
-never had an overdraft charge before
-Had $3500+ in my savings acct, and a $5000 credit limit on my CC that could have covered the... $10 overdraft.
--And I asked for it to be refunded.

They told me NO.
They said only HALF could be refunded...
My husband is ready to leave WF over this, and I explained that to the Banker AND to the Store Manager... and They didnt care.
WF is willing to lose a loyal customer, with thousands of dollars, over $17?!

Is this the way WF works now?

The store manager told me that even though it was bank error- because I didnt tell the bank they had made an error (by not adding my overdraft protection when i added my husband to my accts) that it was no longer bank error. 

Is that what it has come to? 
Wells Fargo is willing to LOSE valuable customers over $17!?

I would love a reply.

Thank you
WF Customer (for a short time longer, anyways)


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