Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zombie Makeup -How to- Part 1


Halloween is just around the corner!

I hope you're as excited as I am about it! 

In my family, we LOVE Halloween. Decorations are up around the house, and costumes are already bought.

Well, except mine.

I decided last night I wanted to be a zombie. 
But I really dont like the nasty Face paint that I bought last year to make my daughter a Vampire. I actually dont like any face paint.

SO- This is my attempt at being a Zombie... Part 1 (FIRST attempt. I have no latex stuff and no fake blood- I just wanted to see if I could do it with regular makeup.)

So- Zombie Makeup Tutorial

ZERO makeup!
: /

Step 1:
Super light foundation- Base Coat

Step 2:
Darken the areas around the eyes and along your collar bone.
(I used a dark red lipstick, and brown eyeshadows)

Step 3:
Continue to darken the eyes, and then also darken along the nose areas.

Step 4:
You NEED prominent cheekbones! So darken the area under them to make them pop.

Step 5:
To make my lips look chapped, I used a thin paint brush and, with the same red lipstick, I painted lines.

Step 6:
Using the same method, I painted veins.

Step 7:
Get Photo-Bombed by your daughter... haha

Step 7 (the real one)
Darken the area under your jaw.

Step 8:
Let your hair down.
You can also add teeth paint to make your teeth gross, BUT that grosses me out... so I didnt. 

Step 9-
BE a zombie and make a zombie face. its best if you moan. haha

The End
(to part 1)

SO- I actually plan on making it darker, and adding lots of blood.
Ill post that up as soon as I do! :)


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