Cover reveal and Teaser: Strength


 Strength (The Descendant Trilogy #2.5)

We now know who The Descendant is... But what happens next? It will take years before she is able to do what is prophesied. Where does that leave everyone else? People have died on both sides. And as the years go on, things don’t change, or maybe they change too much. 

Follow Samantha, the one person we haven’t heard from yet, as she grows into her skin. She is now having dreams of a Rising Member attacking her. She fears for her life, but at the same time feels confined and too sheltered. While her parents pressure her to help her little sister learn the role she must fulfill, she wants only to be herself and to do more than babysit. But if she ventures too far out, will her mysterious stalker come out of the shadows to torture her for the knowledge she has? 

Read this novella for a look into the life of a young Order Member, the first to grow up in The Compound in decades, as she tries to fulfill the many roles she must play. 

Sisterly love, daughterly affection and rebellion, friendship, and relationships beyond that of only friendship dwell within these feisty, few pages.

And now... for a TEASER!

I rolled over, pushing him off me and to the side. I tried to wipe the blood from my face, but it was too slimy. It felt like it would be there permanently, forever tainting me. A tattoo of death. Proof that I was a killer. 

I walked backwards until my back hit a tree. I slid down it, the bark scratching me through my shirt, until my knees were once again tucked under my chin and I cried. 

I stared over at the lifeless body as the blood pooled around his head, staining the dirt and grass below. I stared at him and realized that his life was gone, his little hole, was gone forever. 

So I cried. And I didn’t stop.


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