Monday, November 11, 2019

Social Media for Good

There are many ways in which Social Media can have a positive impact on our lives. We can easily communicate with our entire extended family, we can easily share (and gain) knowledge between peers, colleagues, and even people we don’t know, and in a professional way you can build your “brand” whether that’s a product, a persona, or a service by reaching huge audiences.
To offer a specific example, in the city I live in there are groups for mothers on Facebook. It’s actually become kind of a running joke for the local newspaper to quip at any time a rumor is flowing that it must’ve originated from the “Moms groups”. To be fair, sometimes it does happen that way. But there is one specific Mom’s group that does so much good in our community.
Moms of New Braunfels Uncensored started as a group for moms to say whatever they wanted, in a safe way, without being censored by strict administrators or rules. While to some, uncensored may give off a negative connotation, it actually just means that the only rule is to “Not take things real life” (or negatively affect someone’s real life outside of social media.) but you can say anything you want.  One might think that this could open up a monstrous can of worms with nagging women, or bitterness, or fighting. But at its core, this Moms of New Braunfels Uncensored is a group of women who lift each other up and empower other women. The group’s admins Nikki and Rhonda were doing so much good, they even filed the necessary paperwork to be declared a non-profit. They are constantly cycling through local donations and requests for help. Every Thanksgiving moms all gather together to donate and prepare meals, they list children for “adoption” at Christmas for Moms to purchase gifts for children who otherwise wouldn’t receive, and so much more. They have monthly raffles, where they raffle off items that have been donated, for money to put into the “fund” that can later be distributed for other moms in New Braunfels. They’ve helped pay rent to avoid foreclosure and eviction, helped pay car payments, other bills, and more. Moms with small businesses can promote their products or services, and other local moms support them. It’s a virtual community supporting our actual community.

As defined by the admin:

"Now what is MONBU?
  • We are a registered non profit 501 (c) (3).
  • We have an application process to receive emergency help for bills.
  • We have a 43 foot container we call the Box. It is full of donations free to members.
  • We have a pantry of goods for members in need. Such as soap, lice kits, roach kits, detergents, shampoo, toilet paper etc.
  • We are partnered with both locations of Pink Elephant. You can drop off donations and tell them it is for MONBU and the Fund gets a percentage.
  • We have a monthly Featured Business that pays for advertising.
  • We have a paid weekly Featured Business on our public page.
  • We have a MONBU Amazon list for easy shopping for member needs.
  • We do a Thanksgiving Dinner. Providing family style dishes to members in need.
  • We do the Christmas Project providing Christmas to hundred's of members in need.
  • We have monthly mixers and parties. Some include children or partners some are members only.
  • We have a monthly raffle to raise money for the Fund.
  • We believe in being Uncensored say what you want, but know it might not go the way you want. Our Ladies all have opinions. Most of all we just want to provide you a community to feel connected, lifted up, and enjoy the life we are given."

Moms of New Braunfels Uncensored has been able to help so many and is the perfect example of how Social Media can positively impact society. Authors Note- This is a private facebook group and cannot be viewed by non-members. The Public Moms of New Braunfels Uncensored can be viewed here. I did receive the okay that I could share screenshots from the Admin Rhonda before this post.


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